Make your daring faith commitment

1. Sign up for a OVC Online Giving account on our all new and 100% secure giving site by clicking on 'Start Here'.


2. Click on the 'Pledges' link in the top navigation.


3. Enter Daring Faith commitment amount, and then click 'save'. Your pledge is saved and tracked to your own OVC Giving Account. Click "Recurring Gift" and set-up automatic payments to track and reach your commitment goals.


4. To begin giving, click on 'Give' at the top of the page. 


Fill God’s house with 2,000 worshippers at our weekend services by 2019.

Assist 4,000 needy people a month through our care ministries.

Increase our ministry footprint by building a new ministry building, sports park & OVC Tijuana.

Train up disciple makers as ministry leaders to broaden our ministry impact.

Help take the good news to the world by dedicating 15% of the overall budget to missions by 2019.