What does INERRANCY mean? Why is it important to know that the Word of God is INERRANT? These resources will assist you as you explore the INERRANCY and INFALLIBILITY of the Bible you hold in your hands.

Download a printable version of our Inerrancy Bookmark here.


The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy | International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI), 1978

Learn more about this important declaration of Biblical inerrancy here.

Interview with John Piper | Article and Podcast, 2014

Listen to John Piper discuss the implication of Biblical Inerrancy here.

What about apparent contradictions, or errors, in scripture?

This resource will help you discover and understand various apparent contradictions and errors in scripture. The easy book-by-book organization is easy to use. Additional resources are also available.

Learn about some of the apparent contradictions in scripture from one of the foremost experts on creation, Dr. Ken Ham.

This resource addresses popular topics regarding perceived errors in scripture.

This resource will provide answers to common contradiction claims, and other bible difficulties